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Our catering clients have been attracted to this new clear wick fuel can from Leolight. They love that they don’t need to shake an aluminum can anymore to guess how much fuel is left. The clear plastic Views container makes it easy to see when you fuel is low. This is a step up from conventional aluminum cans that burn out without you knowing and leave the food cold.

Look for Views wick fuel at the Wells Fargo Center this fall while watching the Sixers and Flyers.

Additional information:

Wick Chafing Fuels in a Clear Can

VIEWS™ clear-can wick chafing fuel eliminates the guesswork while maximizing the use of your fuel so that you never waste a drop!


Always know the volume that’s left in the can. LeoLight’s VIEWS wick chafing fuel makes it easy to see how much fuel is left… maximize the use of your fuel and never waste a drop!

SKU: V620
Burn Time: 6+ hours
Case Pack: 24 units
Weight: 220g

Leolight views sterno